Selected spot news photographs and environmental portraits.

Aberdeen Firefighter Douses Burning Building
SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. — A firefighter douses a burning building. (Jaymie Baxley/The Pilot)
Police Place Blanket Over Injured Motorist
SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. — Police place a thermal blanket over an injured motorist (Jaymie Baxley/The Pilot)
Trump Protester Ejected in Fayetteville
FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. – A protestor is ejected from a campaign rally held by Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump in 2016. (Jaymie Baxley/The Robesonian)
Help Wanted
LUMBERTON, N.C. — Sign advertising a job opening at a convenience store in Robeson County, where the unemployment rate is among the highest in the state. (Photograph by Jaymie Baxley/The Robesonian)
Armed Suspect
ABERDEEN, N.C. — Police stage near the entrance of an armed suspect’s apartment building. (Photograph by Jaymie Baxley/The Pilot)
Chicken Carcasses
SOUTHERN PINES – A Mountaire Farms employee removes chicken carcasses from a traffic circle in Southern Pines, where hundreds of the birds were dumped on the blacktop after a delivery truck overturned on Nov. 11, 2019. (Photograph by Jaymie Baxley/The Pilot)
Police Investigate Fatal Shooting
SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. – Police investigate the fatal shooting of a 12-year-old girl at an apartment complex in Southern Pines. (Jaymie Baxley/The Pilot)
Margaret Kellis in Superior Court
CARTHAGE, N.C. — Margaret Kellis, 81, is brought into Moore County Superior Court. She is charged in connection with the shooting death of her husband. (Jaymie Baxley/The Pilot)
Walker of a Struck Pedestrian
ABERDEEN, N.C. — A pedestrian is dead after being struck by a car while attempting to cross the highway with his walker.  (Photograph by Jaymie Baxley/The Pilot)