Resources for Reporters

Having previously worked in a string of emaciated newsrooms, I know that beats are becoming a thing of the past at many papers across North Carolina. Rural journalists in the Old North State are now expected to cover everything from arts to agriculture at the drop of a fedora. ¶ Shrunken budgets have left several small newsrooms without photojournalists or access to stock photography services, meaning reporters are increasingly tasked with finding images to accompany their own articles. ¶ In an effort to help my fellow working journalists, I have created a free repository of state-centric resources. If you’re covering an unfamiliar subject and you don’t know who to call, try scrolling through the Reporter’s Rolodex.  If you need raw numbers for an enterprise reporting project, the Datasets and Statistics page might come in handy. And if you simply need file art for a story, maybe one of the images on the Editorial Photographs page will do the trick. 

I hope to see this project grow into a pool of shared resources for fellow members of the press. If you’d like to contribute, please email